Hydromill Technology Diaphragm Wall

Soilmec Hydromill Technology - World Record -250 meter deep In October 2012 a Tiger SC-200 hydromill installed with the HDD system to reach extreme depths excaveted a 250 meter slurry wall (diaphragm wall), making a record that has permanently altered the application limits for this type of equipment. The hydromill module SH-50: http://goo.gl/pEcPlm The new module SH-50 contains all the innovations and improvments as that used for the 250 meter slurry wall excavation. Soilmec will be utilizing these new solution on all hydromills. All the new soilmec hydromill will also mount the new DMS system for the control of all operating parameters. The results are very satisfactory, and even more so if you consider the size of the panel and drilling rig, and the plastic nature of some soil layers, which are not beneficial to hydromill performances.